System Update – Resource Options within Processes have been Updated

We added a new functionality to CLOUDES.

Resource options (within a Process node) are now selectable for each type of Resource in the model. This allows for some resources to be used to complete a process and then let go to handle the next entity while other resources can be used by the entity and then taken further (or all the way) through the model to be let go at a later point.

There are four possible actions:

No Selection (On Resource Required): Resources are not used and a Process acts as a delay (no change from previous version).

Acquire and Release: The specified quantity of the resource is taken from the resource pool, the resource is utilized, and the resource is returned to the pool when the utilization is complete. This functionality is equivalent to the previous version’s “Release Resources on Completion” option.

Acquire Only: The resource is taken from the resource pool, but the resource is not returned to the pool when the utilization is complete. The entity retains the resource and continue with the entity through the model until separately told to release. This option is equivalent to the checked “Resources Required,” but without checking the “Release Resources on Completion” option.

Release Only: Upon exiting the Process node, the selected Resources that were already attached to an exiting Entity are returned to their Resource pool. When the process ends the entity releases the specified quantity of the resource when the utilization is complete.  It is assumed the entity had acquired the resource previously in another process. This option is new.

The Go-Kart Racing model (available in the Public section) showcases how to use the new option.


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