System Update – Delay Release within Processes has been Added

Resource options (within a Process node) now allow for a time to be specified for delaying the return of a resource to its corresponding pool once it is released by a process. This allows the model to account for situations such as when a resource has traveled a distance while being used and needs to return to a starting location or when a resource needs time to recharge before it can be used again.

This new setting is found within the Resources Required section of the Process nodes and now displays as a checkbox in the fourth column (Delay Release). If this box is not checked, then the Resource’s release remains instantaneous. If this box is checked, then a Delay Time needs to be specified at the bottom of the node as either a constant or distribution time value. Please note: the same time constant or distribution value will be used for any Resource released at this node with the Delay Resource option selected.

The Resource-Process Node Updates model aka Go-Kart Racing model (available in the Public section) showcases this new option.

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